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BIR CAS Approved

Our existence in the industry was brought by an advocacy of providing software solutions to every nature of business based on Philippine set up and in accordance with taxation rules and regulations.

Software engineers, designers, accountants and content writers are involved in the creation, development and marketing of the company’s products and services.

Through prayers and persistency, the team of talented individual headed by the CEO Ria A. Sablon, a sought after tax and business consultant start the development of the first accounting system applying TAX rules and regulation with the main goal of minimizing tax implication that will results tax deficiency assessment due to wrong recording and disparity between Accounting Standards and Taxation Laws.

With the combined intellectual and technical expertise, the first version of eTAXPOINT was successfully created and installed to selected pilot clients in November 2009 which was continually improved and was successfully introduced to the market last March 2012.

“Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN)”
SECTION 71. Section 232 of the NIRC, as amended, is hereby further amended to read as follows:

SEC. 232. Keeping of Books of Accounts.

“(A) Corporations, Companies, Partnerships or Persons Required to Keep Books of Accounts. – All corporations, companies, partnerships or persons required by law to pay internal revenue taxes shall keep and use relevant and appropriate set of bookkeeping records duly authorized by the Secretary of Finance wherein all transactions and results of operations are shown and from which all taxes due the Government may readily and accurately be ascertained and determined any time of the year: Provided, That corporations, companies, partnerships or persons whose gross annual sales, earnings, receipts or output exceed Three Million Pesos (P3,000,000.00), shall have their books of accounts audited and examined yearly by independent Certified Public Accountants and their income tax returns accompanied with a duly accomplished Account Information Form (AIF) which shall contain, among others, information lifted from certified balance sheets, profit and loss statements, schedules listing income-producing properties and the corresponding income therefrom and other relevant statements. "

Why Choose eTAXPOINT?

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eTAXPOINT is a tax-based computerized accounting software which uses TAX Code rules and regulations and other tax laws and issuances in recording business information. It will assist companies in the accounting cycle, making the steps of the cycle easier to keep track of and record.


eTAXPOINT is designed to improve employee efficiency.


eTAXPOINT streghten internal control and business information reliability.


eTAXPOINT provides management reportorial tools in a simple yet systematic way of reporting.


eTAXPOINT is designed to avoid tax implications and getting hit by costly penalties and interests due to late filing of tax returns or miscalculations of taxes.


eTAXPOINT provides Books of Accounts and Other Accounting Reports in accordance with the requirements of the law.

With eTAXPOINT, you have an ASSURANCE OF TAX COMPLIANCE and have the best tools in disputing Tax Deficiency Assessment during BIR Audit Investigation.

General Features

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eTAXPOINT Single Entry Feature - shall improve employee efficiency. They can use their valuable time in reviewing their output and not on re-encoding of transactions to come-up with the required reports of BIR and the Management.


With eTAXPOINT Security and Audit trail features, the management have an ASSURANCE OF INFORMATION SECURITY and RELIABILITY.


The management team with access to the system can view/print the reports they need in real time.

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